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H. Nandi, Managing Director



A Post Graduate in Electronics & Master in Business Administration, he has been in the field of Electronics and Renewable Energy for over 32yrs.

His view regarding Alternate Energy:

“For a developing country, there is a need fora transformation to ensure the basic needs of the citizen is met. viz. shelter, water and power.

With the best efforts from the government,we still have 400 million people who are without grid power.World over, there is growing concern about pollution, especially carbon footprint for power generated using coal or diesel.

Wind or Solar is the best form of Alternate method of generating Electric power, which is Eco friendly and Green”.

His Success Story:

Aethon Energy LLP has been associated with more than10,000 Solar Power Plantinstallations, ranging from 1KW to 10KW for residences, SMEs, institutions,forest…….across the country.

Aethon has been a part of 150 Solar Power Plants, ranging from 10KW to Mega Watt, forindustries, institutions, ware houses…

 Signature installation has been The Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bangalore. The first Cricket stadium in the world, to be Powered by Solar.